Longterm offshore corrosion protection solution proven by laboratory and field experiments

Corrosion tests were performed using a composite coating reinforced with glass platelets. Its viability as a remedy for corrosion issues in the marine industry was investigated through field and laboratory tests.
Corrosion Protection offshore unit Exmar

The project aimed to correlate the performance of a marine vinylester coating reinforced with glass platelets, when exposed in a natural service life environment versus that when tested in an accelerated environment.

Replicating natural exposure in an artificially simulated manner is a challenging task due to the various factors that induce corrosion in the natural environment. For the natural exposure, two in-service vessels coated with this marine coating were selected to test its performance. Both vessels were coated for 10 and 15 years without any reapplication. After testing took place, it could be said that the impedance values of the vinylester coating reinforced with glass platelets for both the accelerated and natural exposure were atleast 2 orders of magnitude higher than the minimum industry standard requirement even after 15 years of natural exposure.

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