We offer a full range of research and consultancy services, geared towards results that satisfy our clients’ needs and solve their problems in an environmentally sustainable way with due regard to their practical business needs. The research and consultancy is done by senior students and overseen by experienced industry veterans.

Hydrex Research Center offers commissioned research and consultancy projects

The team consists of TU Delft students seeking practical experience

Hydrex Research Center guides students to achieve relevant and solution-oriented results

What we offer

Expertise in water Hydrex Research Center

Decades of

We actively apply the expertise we've acquired about everything related to water since the 1970s. By doing this, we can guarantee that the information and advice we provide to our customers are reliable, useful and based on true data.

Practical information and advice Hydrex Research

Practical information and advice

Our team is skilled at producing a final product that is valuable and applicable. As a result, we provide practical information and advice that is of immediate use to your organization.

Academic talents TU Delft

Work with academic talent

You can be certain that when you collaborate with Hydrex Research Center, top academic talent will be working on your projects. Since these are graduating, senior students, you may find prospective recruits for your organization.

Unique approach to research Hydrex Research

Unique approach to research

While grounded in the strictest scientific research disciplines, we have a unique approach to investigation and advice which is in-depth and highly practical. Learn more about this approach on the About us page.

How we deliver

Types of projects

Environmental assessment

Evaluation of the environmental impact of current or proposed actions of an organization, and suggested alternatives that may reduce or eliminate these impacts.

Life cycle assessment

Assessing the environmental impact a business, product, innovation, or process has over the course of its entire life in terms of pollution and emissions.

In-depth literature review

Surveying of literature on a particular issue, area of research, or theory to provide a description, summary, and critical evaluation of the problem with recommendations.

Comprehensive market research

Determining the viability of a new service or product through identifying and analyzing the needs of the market, the market size and the competition.

Process–product optimization

Refining and improving your product or process to make it more valuable and efficient to current users and more attractive and worth investing in to new ones.

Field/lab experiments

Carrying out a scientific procedure to examine an innovation, test a hypothesis or proven fact or assess environmental impact.

Cost-benefit analysis

Estimation of the strengths and weaknesses of alternatives. It is used to determine the best combination of cost and benefits for a given product or offering.

Sustainable tool development

To carefully monitor a process or assess alternatives, a variety of accurate tools, including dashboards, models, and cockpits, can be developed.

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How we approach your project

Hydrex Research Center has a distinct philosophy and strategy that governs all our research and consultancy projects. This is explained in the About us section.

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