Hydrex Research Center has undertaken numerous research and consultancy projects directly or indirectly related to clean rivers, seas and oceans. Below are some examples.

Recent project

The Schone Maaswaterketen (SMWK) is a collaboration between Dutch water companies and water boards, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water management and Rijkswaterstaat. SMWK’s goal is to make the Meuse River cleaner. At Hydrex Research Center, our team contributes to this goal.

Overview projects

Sediment was sampled at seven locations in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp to determine the contamination levels. With the help of these results authorities can take specific action to reduce the pollution at source and clean up the widespread, severely contaminated sediment.

This project investigated the laws and regulations concerning dredging in the Netherlands to see how innovative technologies might be implemented. The goal was to better understand how the government, companies and local municipalities handle the dredging of contaminated sediments.

An investigation was conducted into whether inland shipping is a more workable option than the current pipeline construction plans in the Antwerp area. With the help of this evaluation, Belgian authorities can decide whether to move forward with the plans or choose an alternative.

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