Proof of concept of the Ammunition Clean-Up System

The working principle of the previously investigated clean up method was worked out in more detail and tested in a water lab during multiple experiments. The focus of the research was directed to the consequences caused by an underwater explosion inside the system.
Hydrex Ammunition Clearance and clean-up system

The aim of this research was to provide a prove of concept of the ammunition clean-up system. The main research question centred around investigating the capability of keeping the air inside of the system contained when an explosion of the ammunition happens. A scale model of the system was built to experiment on this capability. 

Different scenarios were worked out to determine what can happen during the clean-up operations. In this specific project, the munition dump at the Paardenmarkt in Knokke, Belgium, was used as a case study. Explosions were simulated inside the scale model at different depths while monitoring the waterline and the pressure inside the system. A literature study regarding the chemical reaction of exploding TNT in a closed spaced was performed to be able to realistically simulate the explosions. Analysis of the results of the experiment showed the complex connection between the pressure inside the system and the dimensions of the system. The conclusion was that the system was able to contain the air. It is a promising result that will be further developed in the future.

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