Industrial hotspot analysis for Province Zuid-Holland

In our continued effort to clean rivers, seas, and oceans, we have established a new partnership between the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hydrex Research Center. This initiative involves a committed team of students from the Technical University of Delft. Their mission is to deliver superior results and provide substantial support to local authorities in improving water quality throughout the Zuid-Holland region.
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The primary goal of Project Zuid-Holland is to tackle the problem of industrial pollutants being discharged into surface waters and water treatment facilities in the province. Authorities encounter difficulties in tracing the sources of these pollutants due to outdated permits and the introduction of new substances. By conducting thorough data analysis and equipping authorities with a cutting-edge tool, we help them effectively prevent pollution and enhance water quality. 


By analyzing and integrating data on pollutants, their chemical properties, the classification of polluters, and their geographical locations, the Hydrex Research Center is developing a comprehensive database. This database can sort information by regions, zip codes, substance groups, and water treatment plants, offering authorities a detailed view of potential pollution hotspots based on the number of polluters and their risk factors.


This database will empower authorities such as the waterboards and the environmental service to pinpoint the most problematic companies, areas, and substances. Consequently, they can conduct more targeted regulatory inspections and permit controls, leading to a reduction in water pollution.

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Our team: Christel Beetsma, Max Vos, Sam de Wit, and Jula van der Schans

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