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Are you ambitious, driven to grow personally, looking for career opportunities, and eager to collaborate with like-minded individuals towards the same goal? Apply now to join our team.

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Application deadline
T.B.A. around June

Application rounds

T.B.A. around June

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What we offer

Personal development TU Delft students

Personal development

We offer young academic talent the opportunity to develop professionally in parallel to their studies. You can begin to develop yourself in both hard and soft skills. This way you gain experience that you can use throughout the rest of your professional career.

Career opportunities TU Delft students

Career opportunities

You have the opportunity to work for international companies, as well as government and non-governmental organizations. These entities in turn benefit from a valuable talent pool. This interaction could prove to be valuable for your future career.

Environmental research network of students

Network of students

You can build a large network of ambitious fellow students. During each project, you will work together with motivated colleagues in a pleasant office environment towards a common goal.

Student compensation

Financial Compensation

You will receive a project bonus for each successfully finished project. In addition, there are incentives to support Hydrex Research Center expansion and attract more ambitious students and impactful projects.

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