Comparing the performance of ship hull coatings on costs, CO2 emissions and toxicity

This project created a tool to assess costs, CO₂ emissions, and toxicity for the type of coating system being used on a given ship. With the help of this tool, shipping companies can now decide how to cut emissions while reducing expenses.
MV Patriot hull before Ecospeed

The aim of this research was to generate new knowledge and more insight into the emissions, costs, and toxicity of three coating system types, in order for shipowners and shipping companies to underpin their coating decisions.


A python model was constructed to compare the different coatings in terms of costs, CO2, and toxicity. Four different components were selected in constructing this model: the investment, hull roughness, maintenance, and emission components. In the conceptual model all variables and input factors were carefully elaborated and substantiated regarding the selected components. This led to a final model that was verified with the use of a case study after which the results were evaluated. The result of the project was a tool that can prove very useful in deciding which coating is the best fit for a specific ship.