Solution for reducing the environmental impact of the inland shipping industry

The hull coating systems currently in use in the inland shipping sector were investigated in order to estimate the potential for Subsea Industries to enter the market. A case study and a market investigation were used to accomplish this.
Duurzame coating binnenvaart

The current antifouling methods that are used are harmful to the environment without adequately solving the fouling problem. This project researched the possibilities of expanding the market share of an existing non-toxic hard coating system and thus reducing the contamination of inland waterways caused by ships.


The research was composed of several extensive analyses that were largely based on literature. Examples are the actor and market, and the SWOT analysis that were performed. Along with an extensive evaluation of the success and failure factors this led to several conclusions. One of these was that a new regulations are needed to require shipping companies to switch to non-toxic coatings. By leveraging the social narrative on environmental care and protection, political support can be gathered to introduce these regulations. Focussing on early adopters would increase the chance of gaining a more significant market share.